CTP絵本 英語教材 

CTP絵本 英語教材


First Little readers Cは絵本25冊がボックスに入っています。

First Little Readers 全レベルなどボックス入り教材はこちらです
 表紙  サンプルページ タイトル
  All About Dinosaurs
word count 45

  Bat Facts
word count 58
  Bubble Shapes
word count 73
  Clay Play
 word count 48
  Counting Bugs
word count 39
  Draw a Pig
word count 60
  Eight Arms Are Great
word count 46
  Follow That Cat
word count 47
  Funny Foods
word count 57
Giant Friends
word count 70
  Hot Dog, Hot Dog
word count 87
  Lots of Legs
word count 83
  Lunch Crunch
word count 57
   Make a Pizza
word count 46
   Monkey Business
word count 41
  The Pie That Jack Made
word count 32
Polka Dot World
word count 98
  Round, the Clown
word count 52
   Shadow Guessing Game
word count 53
  Snow Tracks
 word count 98
  Squares Are Everywhere
word count 73
word count 52
  Tail Tale
word count 40
  The Teeny Tiny Man
word count 46
  This Little Piggy
word count 36

CTP絵本 英語教材 
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